Humans + Horses = Healing

Our horses are helping our participants overcome challenges and make positive life changes. In a judgement free and safe environment, participants engage in on the ground experiences that allow them to practice the skills neccessary to make changes and reach goals. The horse is a willing and accepting partner, only capable of responding in an authentic and unbiased manner. Youth considered 'at-risk' have gained resepct for themselves and others, Individuals challenged by autism, depression and other mental health diagnosis develop skills to manage and overcome symptoms. Veterans who have experienced trauma find comfort and hope from our horse herd.
  • Active Military and Veterans
  • Youth Experiencing Success (YES)
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • "I can relax with the horses. I can finally drop my guard. I know they have my back.” – U.S. Army Combat Veteran

    Individual and group services are provided to active duty, reservists and veterans to discover new perspectives and problem-solving skills for facing transition, establishing healthy relationships or rehabilitation. Read More
  • “Her [the horse’s] non-verbal communication was more powerful than any words could ever say.”
    - High School Student

    The development years for pre-teens and teens can be full of struggles and confusion. Through our YES program, The Chrysalis Adventure provides services to youth focused on developing positive life skills and learning how to make healthy lifestyle decisions. Read More
  • “The horses have helped me to be more sensitive to the point I can be more understanding in my relationships” - C. K

    Individual and family services are available to those looking to make positive life changes. Youth and adults are all welcome to experience the empowering sessions with our team of certified counselors and staff in an accepting and judgement free environment. Read More
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